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Solution Specialists

This page features companies with wide experience in GAMS modeling.

Balmorel is a model representing an international energy system with emphasis on the electricity and combined heat and power sectors. It is developed and maintained in the Balmorel project, which aims at supporting modeling and analysis of the energy sector, including aspects of energy, environment and economy. The Balmorel model has been used by energy system experts, energy companies, authorities, transmission system operators, researchers and others for the analysis of future developments of a regional energy sector. The model is developed and distributed under open source ideals, meaning that the GAMS code for the model, with documentation, data and application examples are available for download, application and modification. The Balmorel project supports experience exchange and co-operation on application of the model.
Contact person: Hans Ravn
Barkawi Logo
Barkawi is an international management consulting company with proven expertise in After Sales Services and Logistics. Barkawi supports global aftermarket organizations in developing service strategies and achieving operational excellence. Barkawi focuses on technology-driven industries such as Industrial Machinery and Components, High-Tech and Telecommunications, Railway Technology, Aerospace as well as Automotive and Medical Technology.
Contact person: Georg Dietrich
CGR Logo
CGR Management Consultants was founded in 1984 with seasoned consultants. Industry experience extends to consumer and industrial products industries. Our consultants are highly qualified individuals, who all have had senior positions with major consulting firms and over twenty years of consulting experience. Our work focuses on strategy, operations improvement, information systems and supply chain issues. The latter includes strategy, sourcing, facility network planning, scheduling, inventory deployment, process improvement, cost reduction, transportation, logistics systems and customer service. CGR has worked with GAMS in the areas of strategic facility network analysis, scheduling and inventory deployment. We have completed over 100 assignments in these areas using GAMS and other analytic tools.
Contact person: Robert Rice
Copenhagen Economics Logo
Copenhagen Economics ApS is a Danish economics consulting firm specializing in the analysis of tax, trade and environmental policies, regional economics and competition policy analysis. Our tools for quantitative analysis include state-of-the-art economic equilibrium models. Our modeling is based on a blend of professional insight, the highest academic standards and an in-depth understanding of the workings of government and industry.
Contact person: Jesper Jensen
COWI A/S is a Danish consulting firm based on Engineering, Environmental Services and Economics. Our Economics division offers quantitative and qualitative analysis within environmental, resource and transport economics. COWI's broad range of services means that we have more than 1500 experts dealing with fields such as: waste handling, energy, environmental issues, ecology, road and rail transport, infrastructure, information technology, construction etc. Examples of recent GAMS modeling tasks carried out by COWI are for instance the European carbon allowance market, final waste management planning and competition/pricing in the electricity markets.
Contact person: Mikkel T. Kromann
Ecomod Logo
EcoMod is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan international research and educational network dedicated to promoting advanced modeling techniques in policy analysis, forecasting, and policy development. It offers a range of online training courses in these areas.
Contact person: Ali Bayar
Ecoplan Logo
ECOPLAN is an economically and politically independent consulting and research company with offices in Berne and Altdorf (Switzerland).
Contact person: Renger van Nieuwkoop
Etsap Logo
Members of the Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme (ETSAP) and their partners cooperate to establish, maintain and expand a consistent multi-country energy/economy/environment analytical capability. Key features are individual national teams (in over 50 countries) and a common, comparable and combinable methodology, mainly based on the MARKAL model, permitting in-depth national and multi-country evaluations. The leading role of technology for actually affecting changes in energy consumption and production patterns and emission profiles is represented by rich (hundreds of technologies) and country-specific databases.
Contact person: Gary Goldstein
EWI Logo
The Institute of Energy Economics (EWI) at the University of Cologne is dedicated to the research and teaching of energy economics and to the production of science-based studies for the energy industry and political practice. The Institute uses modern, empirical methods of applied industrial economics, in particular, detailed computerised models of the European electricity and gas industry that are developed and analysed at the Institute. EWI's own models form an important basis for research and consulting at the Institute. The models are high-resolution, calibrated representations of the European electricity market (DIMENSION, DIANA), the European and global gas market (TIGER, COLUMBUS), a dynamic simulation model for the domestic heating market in Germany (DIscrHEat) and an equilibrium model addressing the development of the interational steam coal market (TIMCO).
Contact person: Monika Deckers
FinE Logo
FinE Analytics develops tailored software solutions and offers consultancy for the financial industry. Our core competences are within financial mathematics as well as optimization and statistical modeling. Our core product is called "FinE" which is an advanced and elaborate financial calculation framework for valuation and risk management of financial contracts. We offer consultancy services and help our clients build tailored made software within: Valuation of financial contracts, analysis and evaluation of trading strategies as well as financial and investment products and concepts, Asset liability and risk management modeling, and scenario analysis and optimization.
Contact person: Kourosh Marjani Rasmussen
Fraunhofer IOSB-AST is a leading supplier for complete solutions in the energy market. It provides solutions for the management of process information, concentrating on the processes of energy supply, transport and industry. Their product EMS PROPHET is a modular energy management system for the realization of innovative and economic solutions for the management of processes in the liberalized energy market.
Contact person: Sebastian Ritter
IGSA Labs is a OR modeling/mathematical optimization solutions provider company in India. It offers a wide range of supply chain decisions - network design, logistics allocation planning, route-fleet planning & scheduling, production planning, inventory replenishment - and some other areas like energy and environment planning. It serves both private and government customers. IGSA Labs develops exact optimization models of LP/MIP using GAMS, and heuristic algorithms using PYTHON. IGSA Labs' models have been applied in diverse sectors like cement, steel, FMCG, automobiles, and energy. It maintains close association with OR researchers/professors from leading academic institutes in India, like IIT Bombay, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIM Lucknow.
Contact person: Sridhar Vallala
IRMHuck Logo
Dr. I.R.M. Huck is specialized in model calibration, design and analysis, speed and memory optimization, scenario development and the construction of user interfaces.
Contact person: I.R.Mario Huck
IIT Logo
The The Institute for Research in Technology (IIT) is a University Institute of Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain. The Institute has several years of experience in using GAMS for practical applications. On the one hand, they have extensively applied GAMS to research projects mainly for the power industry. On the other hand, they use GAMS to teach Applied Optimization Techniques both in their pregraduate and graduate programs.
Contact person: Andres Ramos
Kallrath Logo
Josef Kallrath is a specialist in modeling and solving mixed integer linear and nonlinear optimization problems. He offers consultancy services since 1998 in various industries (among them process industry, paper and metal industries, and energy). His service includes the model building process, implementation of the mathematical model in a modeling language such as GAMS, solving the problem using standard solvers, and, if standard solvers are not sufficient, the construction of tailored solution algorithms. His current research interests are polylithic modeling approaches to solve large-scale or difficult optimization problems, for instance, by decomposition techniques such as column enumeration and column generation, or by hybrid methods. The customer base is not limited to his home country Germany, but also includes reference customers from the US, England or Japan. Josef Kallrath also offers GAMS modeling and optimization courses, as well as in-house course adjusted to client's wishes.
Contact person: Josef Kallrath
Maindl Logo
Thomas I. Maindl offers GAMS modeling and optimization workshops as well as GAMS spot consulting, primarily on mixed-integer linear programming and problem solving. He serves various different industries such as chemicals, high tech, energy production and trading, and education internationally.
Contact person: Thomas Maindl
Modelworks Logo
MODELWORKS provides support and workshops in the field of computable general equilibrium models.
Contact person: Renger van Nieuwkoop
Optience logo
Optience Corporation specializes in applying state of the art modeling and optimization technology to deliver innovative solutions to the process industry, all the way from Research and Development applications to Manufacturing and Strategic Business Planning applications. The core expertise at Optience is in the areas of Chemical Process Engineering, Statistics, Advanced Mathematical Modeling, Optimization Algorithms and Software Development.
Contact person: Bhieng Tjoa
pcs logo
PCS Inc. specializes in providing advanced algorithms and software for (global and convex) nonlinear optimization. Among other products, we have developed the GAMS/LGO solver suite. We also offer R&D cooperation, customized software development, lectures and tutorials.
Contact person: János Pintér
procom logo
ProCom is a leading OR solution provider for the energy and raw material processing industries specializing in integrated planning of power generation and trading. The core expertise is IT engineering (strategy consulting, creation of requirement analyses and specifications, IT project management), OR engineering (feasibility studies, analyses, OR consulting), and IT development (individual solutions based on standardized product components, system integration).
Contact person: Thomas Keusen
profitpoint logo
Profit Point Inc. is about the "Science of Better", specializing in the improvement of a broad range of business processes in several industries. We have extensive experience and expertise in advanced Supply Chain Management and Optimization Services for manufacturing, transportation and financial companies. Profit Point can design and deliver strategic and tactical applications which offer exceptional value and competitive advantage, enabling our clients to be more productive and cost efficient.
Contact person: Richard Guy
risklab logo
Risklab GmbH - Private Research Institute for Financial Studies (risklab germany) is a research and consulting institute which was formed in 1997 as a subsidiary of Allfonds International Asset Management GmbH. On the basis of primary research in the areas of risk management, portfolio management and financial engineering, Rislab offers consulting, solutions, implementation and training services.
Contact person: Rudi Zagst
riskontroller logo
The RisKontrol Group GmbH is a consultancy and software company, which is specialized in developing risk analysis and management technology. The product RisKontroller includes tailor-made, enterprise-wide, integrated, and open risk-management models for strategic asset/liability management.
Contact person: Jerome L. Kreuser
SCA Technologies logo
SCA Technologies LLC offers Cost Analysis and Business Planning Support Solutions that integrate with business processes and create a framework for better planning, budgeting and decision making. Our solutions are based on a Predictive Cost Modeling method that ensures you have a reliable and accurate picture of your Enterprise operation and costs through 'what-if' scenarios. These solutions take on an integrated view of the business with the potential to cover all critical elements of the supply chain (source-make-distribute). We believe that quantitative analysis based on a holistic understanding of business issues is the essential foundation of a sound operating strategy.
Contact person: Ken Fritz
swm logo
Stadtwerke Munich (SWM) is the largest municipal utility in Germany. Thanks to our activities in renewable energies and gas upstream production, we succeeded to maintain a strong position in the changing energy market. We aim to cover the consumption of all our customers with natural gas from our own sources by 2020 and to supply the entire municipality of Munich with electricity from renewables produced in our own plants by 2025. To enable reliable economic decisions for the investments in renewables and upstream activities, SWM develops and operates large optimization models to analyze the mid and long term development of electricity, carbon and gas prices as well as the value of renewables. Furthermore, we employ an elaborated unit commitment model to evaluate the electricity supply in Munich and a detailed model of the German transmission grid to study the security of supply and grid requirements for the integration of renewables.
Contact person: Stephan Eidt
Verbund Logo
Austrian Power Trading (APT) is a fully owned subsidiary of Verbund, Austria's largest generator and transporter of electricity. As one of continental Europe's leading electric power traders, Verbund was one of the first to recognise the challenges of Europe's newly liberalized electricity markets.
Contact person: Josef Bogensperger
VRTech Industrial Technologies is a simulation and optimization software company in south Brazil. It offers services and product mainly for the industrial sector: chemical, petrochemical and sugarcane. VRTech offers optimization services and training with GAMS for the chemical, petrochemical and sugarcane sector, such as: Process optimization and debottlenecking, water and wastewater optimization, plant heat integration, scheduling, and logistics
Contact person: Edson Cordeiro do Valle
Wood Mackenzie
Wood Mackenzie, Ltd. is a global energy research firm dedicated to providing thorough analysis of energy markets and sound advice to the management of companies within those markets. Their strength as a firm lies in the combination of extensive proprietary data on supply, demand and transportation; the use of powerful analytical tools developed to provide realistic market analysis; and a seasoned staff with broad experience in the industry and in consulting. Major clients include electric utilities, commodity producers, power brokers, railroads,oil companies, banks and law firms. These clients are located throughout the world.
Contact person: Dewayne Delk

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