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The GAMS-Mailing List (GAMS-L)

GAMS users worldwide use a mailing list name GAMS-L to exchange information about GAMS. There are two possible ways to subscribe:

  1. Use a web interface to join and leave the list and to browse the list archive.
  2. Send a message of the form:
    Subject:is ignored
            subscribe GAMS-L your_first_name your_last_name
            help ?
    to, where the info and help lines are optional but useful. Once you have successfully subscribed, you can send messages to all GAMS-L subscribers by sending your mail to If you want to sign off (unsubscribe) from the list, send a message with a body of the form:
     signoff GAMS-L
    to or use the web interface.
All the messages which have been sent to the GAMS-Mailing list are archived: Note: The GAMS-L is completely independent from any official GAMS technical support and GAMS does not take any responsibility for the given answers.